Hallowmate by Selma Martin #SonnetSunday

With bitter regret, mine heart’s been laden
Since Hallowmas when thou our bed-vow broke
And now perjured be roam I loath-burdened
Waiting for the day this prank I do choke

Post hoc thine eyes see I as woeful shame
The smartest joke thine evils fortified
Now my dreamy languor’s found a new aim
To maim and deflate thou who art still my bride

Careful thou walked as thou stole through dark woods
Armed with a knife and shovel I waited
Careful was I of my tools to make good
As my only dearest dear was fated

My true rights sordid, my rue doth abate
I know where thou bedst now, my Hallowmate

Halloween chills with a dash of Shakespeare…

Thanks to Selma Martin for this terrifying tale of Halloween revenge. I love the coinage of the term ‘Hallowmate’ – I certainly wouldn’t want to become one! You have been warned, be careful who you spurn this Halloween…

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  1. Jeez, Ingrid. More than I expected here. I love what you did when you added that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ft. Kylie Minogue: Where the Wild Roses Grow. (never heard of them, so thanks). And in that video how could she stand that slimy thing (gave me the creeps). You’re simply so creative. Thanks for enhancing my little ditty like you did. Hats off to you, dear one.
    I’m posting this to my audience as well, adding a pingback to this site where they can read the rest of the sonnet. And the announcement post where I see you have a list of pingbacks (thus I call it a bodega in my post) Thanks sincerely– you rock! Be well.

  2. Selma, what a cautionary tale! If you are gonna play around, don’t marry a vengeful husband! A truly chilling Halloween sonnet with a gothic flavor!

    Thank you, Ingrid ! I am waking up on a very spooky Halloween morning thanks to you! <3

    1. Cheryl. Hi. Thanks for reading a commenting. Warms my heart to know you enjoyed the gothic flavor of this one. Thanks. You rock.

  3. love the Shakespearean flourish and the chill demise of the hallowmate, an appropriate label for those who stray!
    Ingrid matched it with an equally chilling song of the wild rose …

  4. Wow, it’s so brilliantly penned! Absolutely Halloween-ish with the desired effect conveyed straight from the writer’s pen to the reader’s mind.

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