Love on The Tracks #poetry #Valentine

When the carriage rolls bumpily over the bridge across the Tyne, and you
hold me steady so that I 
feel none of the impact
my heart
safe within its carriage knows
you are the one

When the rain rattles the skylight windowpanes
and pelts the Metro as we
greet the sea again
sheltered in one another’s arms
wheels trundling sing the lullaby 
of You and I 

When you shield me from the howling crowd
and haul my luggage to the waiting coach
we wave goodbye 
like lovers in old stories do, meanwhile
my finger on the windowpane
traces in three clear signs this 
I Love You

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.

Happy Valentine’s ❤️

Disclaimer: I would say ‘please excuse the unashamedly romantic nature of this post’ but, it is Valentine’s Day! May yours be filled with love, if not for another, then for yourself and for the gift of a new day!

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Crickets talkin’ back and forth in rhyme…

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