Time-Travelling Lovers #poetry

A sandman courting borrowed time
you wrote, I write
you need not borrow time, for life in love is timeless
weaving in and out of centuries
two lovers,
holding hands, meet on the station platform
beneath wrought iron ribs
and while they wrought
the ribs that bridged the Tyne
we watched them from the riverbank;
as Cuthbert made his pilgrimage, we shadowed him;
Centurions, we walked along the wall:
together, there, stood tall
and alwaysΒ 
hand in hand
time after time
ley into line
in such a place, I call you mine:
I Love You


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Featured Image: ‘The Building of the Tyne Bridge’ (1928), Edward Montgomery O’Rourke Dickey

I am on leave!

I will be on holiday from now until Friday, so may take some time replying to comments/catch up with reading. This is a much-needed break after working hard to get Wounds I Healed ready for publication.

On Friday, I will post about how to watch the Wounds I Healed Launch Party, which will be live-streamed via YouTube: a unique opportunity hear the poets of the anthology read their own work aloud. It is sure to be an exciting and star-studded event! Watch this space…

Wishing you a wonderful week,

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  1. Enjoy the break Ingrid … you have definitely earnt a rest .. Hmmm.. I’m busy preparing “Tullawalla” , i’ve signed a self publishing deal, and hopefully my book will be in print by the end of July …

  2. A job well done indeedy. So enjoy your break. And wonderful post. Happy birthday to your special person. Lovely write up. I πŸ’— it.

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