‘Atlantic Beadlet Anemone’ published in FVR Magazine

I found jewels in a barnacled crevice
within the cracked rocks on Cullercoats beach
teetering close to the pools like a novice
saltwater gems within reach

Thank you to editor Kristiana for publishing my poem and photograph in Issue VIII of Free Verse Revolution. The title of this issue is Guinevere (Rebirth) and it is available now for purchase and digital download. Congratulations also to my Partner in Rhyme, Nick Reeves, whose poem ‘Rebirthday’ and collage ‘Meridians and Parallels’ are included in this edition. The poems ‘Rebirthday’ and ‘Atlantic Beadlet Anemone’ are taken from the forthcoming collection Archery In The UK, which launches February 2022. Stay tuned for further updates…

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