Archery In The UK is here!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of Archery In The UK, my poetic collaboration with Nick Reeves. The wait is now over, and our slender volume can be found at Amazon worldwide,, and in selected UK bookshops. I am going to quote Nick’s very apt description of the collection by way of introduction:

Archery In The UK; New Lyrical Ballads & Other Poems, is available 1 February 2023, from Amazon and selected bookshops. It is the culmination of a year’s work with Cumbrian poet, Ingrid Wilson, and is a volume of love poetry; of landscape & place, of language, of thresholds, bridges, doorways and the crossing of them…

Nick Reeves

And as if that weren’t enough to tempt you, we have prepared a very special video showing some of the scenes which inspired the collection, and featuring music by Cassettes (words and music © Nick Reeves, 2023):

As you may have already figured out, this book would make the perfect Valentine’s gift for lyrically-minded Romantics the world over! I do hope you enjoy the collection.


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  1. what perfect timing indeed. And I did — I did! immediately decide this would make the perfect Valentine’s gift. I was enamored 🥰 with every word on every page. Romantics the world over will be enamored, I know.
    Thanks for the beauty. You guys did us romantics a great service. I loved it especially because it speaks of vows and marriage and honeymoon: I believe marriage is a holy thing. That aspect is what spoke to me the strongest. Thanks so much.
    And not until this spontaneous response did I know what I’d say in my review of the book.
    I’ll do that it when I return home or tomorrow. Promise.
    Will also watch/listen to Cassette you added. At home later. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations Ingrid, and to Nick also for the launch of your book. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 The video is a great complement to the announcement of your book! Here’s to your success! 🍹🥂🍸

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