Trouble in the air by Punam #SonnetSunday

The last night of October was pitch dark
The moon took a day off to go on a holiday
There was a strange stillness in the park
All was hushed and quiet after a busy day
There was no breeze to rustle the leaves
Shadowy trees loomed eerily all around
Not a single squirrel scampered across the eaves
Nor a beetle scurried on the ground.

The fog ominously rolled in to blanket the town 
The streetlights flickered and then died
A loud cackle shattered the silence, shook the ground
Swishing brooms of all shapes filled the skyline
This is the night witches prowl the street
In search of kids, this is no trick but a treat!

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

Trick or treaters beware!

Thank you to Punam of Paeans Unplugged for this fiendishly fun sonnet, which reminded me of another favourite scary movie. You may want to watch this clip from behind the sofa…

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