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Thank you to all who took part in my Citizens’ Assembly via earthweal this week. I have submitted our feedback, stories and suggestions to the organisers, meaning they should feature in the first official Global Assembly 2021 report!

I really appreciate the care, effort and consideration which participants gave to this challenge. Below you will find some of the quotes I fed back to the Global Assembly:

Ten years on
my eldest son will be full-grown
my youngest, in the bloom of adolescence
and what kind of future will they face on an unstable planet?
Iโ€™d like to say, at least, I did my best

Ingrid Wilson, Assemble!

as I got out of the car
i saw a black mask lying in the gutter
about to begin its journey to the stormwater drain
out to sea
and i thought
what kind of person
could do this
and then i thought of the 1.6 billion masks
polluting the ocean
and answered my own question
quite a lot


Five years left to lower emissions,
they say, yet nothing changes.

Sherry Marr, I Ask the Unlistening Ear

When man is replaced by faster methods 
Eventually something has to give
Get ready for greed and starvation

Selma Martin, Why Do We Need To Save The World Dairy Herd For Profit?

Put time, hearts, money into the future
before she burns away

Kim Whysall-Hammond, The future calls

It’s time to praise water without waiting 
for more reasons to weep.  Time we learned 
to save it without looking for whom to blame.  
Time we showed up to save ourselves

Susan Chast, Beyond Shrink-Wrap and Faucets

When we can create
together, humanity
improves on itself

Susan Chast, Haiku Essay

Stop eating meat and dairy produce,
stop using gas-guzzling cars,
stop using planes and going to far-away countries to despoil them

Jane Dougherty, In the eye of theย storm

Entangled in destruction,
each year shortened
by greed and complacency.

Kerfe Roig, Uncertainty

everything alive is singing
and I am singing โ€“ the blood
in my veins sings,
and my heart sings,
and my fingers sing
and the electric surges
of my nerves are songs
and the breath in my lungs
is a song is a song is a song

and I fear the silence

Sarah Connor, Silence

An Observation

It has not escaped my notice that all participants to this challenge were women. I will reserve judgement on this matter, but only say that perhaps more matriarchal thought is needed to take us forward. Just look how well the patriarchy is succeeding right at this moment…


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  1. There are some amazing, thoughtful and thought-provoking quotes in this post. Good luck with your project.
    BTW I would have participated but, for reasons I don’t want to share, I am hopeless at social media.

  2. These are so good, Ingrid. Thank you for doing this and for forwarding the gatherings on. I so agree with what you say about the need for matriarchy. I am mind-boggled this week. When you think it cant worse, it does. Sigh.

  3. A powerful collection of ideas and poetic presentation, Ingrid!
    I am fascinated to know women only attended this event; I do not necessarily think of men as unaware of the climate change problem so I do not know quite what to make of this fact . . .

  4. An incisive and insightful summary, Ingrid, may the Assembly take heed from its wise women. Reasons for my absence were several: I needed a break; my attempts to respond to the challenge felt ill-inspired and unhelpful (“Valkyrie Weather” and “The Latter Poetry”); my voice has felt frail and faulty and uninspired. Leave it to the matriarchs to show where the true centers of authority are. Thanks again for your work at earthweal.

    1. This was certainly not intended as a criticism of individuals, but rather a general observation. When my muse labours, I also prefer to stay quiet!

  5. “perhaps more matriarchal thought is needed to take us forward.”

    perhaps. I hope that we can teach empathy with logic in a hurry…

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