Love’s Labour’s Lost #poetry #dVerse

Love’s labour’s lost which seeks home out of place:an unswept hearth, a heart as black as coal.It rather should burn steadily, keeping pacewith kindred spirits, render true hearts whole Love’s labour’s patient, understanding, kindseeks not to self-aggrandise, or deceive;seeks rather to spread light, though it be blind:Love’s lantern light shines that we might receive  Its... Continue Reading →

‘Twas not the lark: an Aubade #poetry

‘Twas not the lark, his song melodiousbut rather the seagull squark which woke us~somewhat odious~more so the factthat fated day had dawned when we must part:Oh, not at morningtide, of course(some hours hence) but stillanon, and on our love enduresenlightening our art © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, Laura hosts Meeting The Bar,... Continue Reading →

Confetti #poetry #dVerse

Poetry of ordinary life is what I live forI said, you said,'Me too, Babe, me too'I said, 'Really, when you look aroundit’s everywhere:caught in the branch of a tree, justshooting the breezedrifting the air.' 'It’s in you,' you saidI said, 'it’s in you, too:that’s where we meetat the boundaries exploring ordinary thingsrendering themextraordinary.' Confetti cut-out wordscollaged... Continue Reading →

Morecambe and Wiser #poetry

A palate of clouds and light over the baybut I'm glad I took you anywayI hadn't been for such a long timeand the way the sun played on the sands: sublimethe stone jetty with its tongue-twisters,the unpretentious tea shop where we shelteredthen when we came out, how the grey clouds partedto reveal the hills!Glory days!... Continue Reading →

Protection #poetry #earthweal

LoveI want to shelter deep within your heartfor I am part of you, as you of me:there is no shelter when we are apart LoveI want to shelter you within my armsfrom a thousand thousand worldly cares and harmsin silence, as we listen to the wind’s song Childnine moons I sheltered you beneath my breast,I wrote... Continue Reading →

Salinity #quadrille #dVerse

Salt crusts from the sea-sprayrust iron railingsdown in the Bay Cling to my hair and face:if you licked me, I'd taste of the sealike Aphrodite Dapple my eyes, sendsalt, salt water rainingdown my flushed cheeks, overwhelmed by joy © 2022 All Rights Reserved. Written for dVerse Tonight, De hosts Quadrille, and has asked us to include... Continue Reading →

Darklight #poetry #earthweal

'What then is this wild dark?'The question: my reply'It is a shining seasunless, whose plumbless depthsreach downwards to fathom infinity' Its edges, silvered, shiver through my soulI am set freeI face the darkness:it does not diminish me ‘I’m all adrift in blackness’ I cryfind you holding mewe’re afloatalightat creation’s obscured boundary I take a breath... Continue Reading →

Love on The Tracks #poetry #Valentine

When the carriage rolls bumpily over the bridge across the Tyne, and you hold me steady so that I feel none of the impactmy heartsafe within its carriage knowsyou are the one When the rain rattles the skylight windowpanesand pelts the Metro as wegreet the sea againsheltered in one another’s armswheels trundling sing the lullaby of You... Continue Reading →

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